BROKEN BEAUTY | Sarah Myerscough Gallery

28 FEBRUARY - 4 MARCH 2021

Broken Beauty explores the profound beauty of imperfection and vulnerability. In particular, the artists consider this question through their connection to the natural world, its resilience and fragility, while also acknowledging lost links between humanity and nature. By considering beauty as broken, the aesthetic vision, material content and innovative processes involved in these artworks highlight nature's imperfections; beauty is found through rich character, a knowingness and an honesty regarding the fallibility found in all living things.

"We wish to focus on the role of the collector as an active agent, one who engages with each piece on an essential level during the acquisition process and regards the ownership of objects as a welcomed responsibility. They consider their understanding of how and why the work was made as equally important to the philanthropic caretaking and stewardship required to ensure it lasts as an heirloom of the future."

The concept for the exhibition will be discussed as part of Craft Council's Collect Art Fair in February 2021, through a series of talks and other online content. A physical exhibition will then be held in a an exciting external setting, during London Craft Week 2021.

Featured artists: Max Bainbridge - wood (England), Adam Buick - ceramic (Wales), Phoebe Cummings - clay (England), Jonas Edvard - mycelium (Netherlands), Egeværk - wood (Denmark), Luke Fuller - ceramic (England), Marlène Huissoud - mixed media (France), Tim Johnson - reedmance and grasses (Spain), Eleanor Lakelin - wood (England), Tomáš Libertíny - beeswax (Slovakia), Kate MccGwire - feathers (England), Erez Nevi Pana - salt (Israel), Nunla O'Donovan - mixed media (Ireland), Jim Partridge & Adi Toch collaboration - wood & metal (England), Jane Ponsford - paper (England), Marc Ricourt - wood (France), Marcin Rusak - flowers and natural shellac (Poland), Diana Scherer - root systems (Netherlands), Julian Watts - wood (USA) and Nic Webb - wood (England).

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