COLLECT 2022 | Nature / Nurture | Sarah Myerscough Gallery

23 - 27 FEBRUARY 2022

Eleanor Lakelin is one of the featured artists in Nature / Nurture presented by Sarah Myerscough Gallery at Collect:

"These two ideas have been historically cast in binary opposition, an incompatible comparison between human influence and the natural world. Yet there is clearly a pressing need to reassess and learn to value our relationship with the natural. This is a conversation about what our connection to nature actually is, and could or should be. The international artist-designer-makers included in this curated collection by turn embrace, problematise and re-conceptualise ideologies of sustainability and conscious sourcing to create beautifully crafted sculptural objects and wall-pieces in materials such as grasses, wood, jute, sisal, willow, and stoneware.

This exhibition is about an approach to living through design that respectfully connects us to the natural world. It aims to create interiors that are of our moment – to focus our thoughts and reflect on our lives - while embodying a long-term vision of how we might live in the future.

The artists and designers express our wider society’s growing awareness and concern for our ecological health; this societal movement is of course pivoted on our environmental emergency. The collection raises questions about how we might make meaningful change at a domestic level through the choices we make about our interiors. It asks us to look around our homes and think about why and how we’ve chosen the objects we live with. At the same time, the collection is not meant to be didactic; it is about opening up a conversation and also about introducing these pieces to a wider audience, so that they may appreciate the value of these materials and enjoy design that engages with nature on an essential level."

Opening Dates and Times
Thursday 24 February
Private View (daytime) 10.00–18.00
Private View (evening) 18.00–21.00
Friday 25 February 11.00–18.00
Saturday 26 February 11.00–18.00
Sunday 27 February 11.00–18.00

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