FOG DESIGN + ART | Sarah Myerscough Gallery

19 - 22 JANUARY 2023

FOG is a "platform for contemporary design and art that shifts, morphs, and reveals itself through multiple forms and dimensions.". Three works in Burr, including a scorched Column Vessel, will be exhibited with Sarah Myerscough Gallery as part of The Natural Room II collection.

"The Natural Room collection is an approach to living through design that respectfully connects us to the natural world. It aims to create interiors that are of our moment – to focus our thoughts and reflect on our lives - while embodying a long-term vision of how we might live in the future.

It involves ethical and emotional decisions to use slow grown, organic materials and skill-based craft. The international artist-designer-makers included in the collection embrace these ideologies of sustainability and conscious sourcing to create beautifully crafted furniture pieces and sculptural objects in materials such as wood, jute, sisal, willow, and stoneware."
- Sarah Myerscough Gallery

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