HOME GROUND | Celebrating a Sense of Place

20 SEPTEMBER - 9 NOVEMBER 2014 (TOURING 2015-2016)

This exhibition showcases the work of contemporary craft-makers who use materials which are locally distinct, natural or recycled. It explores local heritage and environment through different crafts - from traditional skills and resources, to contemporary installations.

 The exhibition ‘Home Ground’ at Devon Guild of Craftsmen showcases work from contemporary craft practitioners who use locally distinct and sourced materials to produce work that reflects and sustains their locality and its culture.

Eleanor Lakelin features alongside artists: Lise Bech, Jane Bevan, Anna Bowen, Hilary Burns, Jaki Coffey, Jonathan Garratt, Michelle Greenwood-Brown, John Haggar, Chris Knight, Laura Rosenzweig, Claire Wellesley-Smith, Jenny Wilkinson and Yuli Somme.

The exhibition is part of a broader project which celebrates the cultural heritage of six National League Football Clubs that originated from a local crafts trade tradition.

The football clubs involved have long-established nicknames from the local craft industries that have shaped the community and locality. Macclesfield Town – “The Silkmen”, Walsall Town – “ The Saddlers”, Luton Town – “The Hatters”, Crystal Palace – “The Glaziers, Sheffield United –“The Blades” from the city’s worldwide reputation for steel production. Stoke City, “The Potters”, reflects one of England’s greatest industries having been the centre for ceramics production since the 17th century.

‘Home Ground’ will tour to the six locations acting as a catalyst for a participation programme with communities in and around each football club.

Sheffield: 10th April - 11th June 2015
Macclesfield: 19th June - 5th September 2015
Stoke: 14th September - 25th November 2015
Walsall: 4th December 2015 - 29th January 2016
Luton: 5th February - 31st March 2016
Crystal Palace: 8th April - 31st May 2016

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