MUSEUM OF ARTS & DESIGN (MAD) | Craft Front & Center

4 FEBRUARY 2023 – Ongoing

Craft Front & Center: Exploring the Permanent Collection
The newly acquired Column Vessel I/22 will be showcased in this ongoing exhibition of MAD’s growing permanent collection of over 3,500 objects. Craft Front & Center features a fresh installation of more than 60 historic works and new acquisitions dating from the golden age of the American Craft movement to the present day. Organized into themes of material transformation, dismantling heirarchies, contemplation, identity, and sustainability, the exhibition illuminates how the expansive field of craft has broadened definitions of art.

Established at the Museum’s beginning in 1956, MAD's permanent collection was the vision of Museum founder, Aileen Osborne Webb, the collector and philanthropist who pioneered an understanding of craft and the handmade as a creative driving force of art and design. With the aim of broadening access to the collection's holdings, Craft Front & Center will be periodically updated with new displays of rarely seen works and recent additions, as well as inspiration for hands-on workshops and off-site field trips.

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